We currently have the following photo galleries.  

Our History

Our Customers and Friends

The Photography of Frank Tsui

“Our History” photo gallery contains photos of our construction in 2007 and those local community companies that helped build our restaurant. It was very exciting to see our building and restaurant become what it is today. EAST Restaurant and Lounge achieved international recognition among Chinese restaurants and you can view many of our Awards and Press on this web site.  In addition, you will find some early photos of staff and interior and exterior photos of our restaurant as well.

“Our Customers and Friends” photo gallery contains photos of the most important part of our restaurant: our customers and friends. Through the years our customers and friends have come to bring us the most joy that we obtain from providing our services to the community and to those that visit us at EAST. Seeing a smile from a customer or friend after a meal, watching our customers enjoy dining and converse with each other and maybe having a brief conversation with staff or management at some point provides us with the motivation to continue to improve EAST as we feel the warmth of the community.  We say thank you, so much, and please come visit us again. Our customers and friends are our Guests and we welcome them!

“The Photography of Frank Tsui” photo gallery features some of the creative works of Frank Tsui who has been an essential part of East since it’s beginning. Many of the photos that you see in the galleries and elsewhere on the web site were taken by Frank. Enjoy!


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